Performance Index Factor

Have you ever wondered why you don’t have the success you want in your career?

OR perhaps asked one of these questions...

  • Why can’t I get the job I want?

  • Why am I stuck doing the same thing over and over when others around me seem to be advancing in their career?

  • If I like my work then why don’t I feel successful?

  • I am smart, capable, and work hard but not at a place where I want to be in my career. What is wrong with me?

  • Why do I feel like a failure at my job?

  • How come I am not getting ahead as fast as I should be?

  • Why do I struggle connecting with others at work?

  • How come I don’t feel included in decision-making process at work?

If you have ever asked yourself one of these na…g….g…ing questions repeatedly, then it may be time for your to consider finding out the answers once and for all.

Perhaps you have tried multiple approaches to overcome challenges you experience only to realize this is not making a difference.

You may be exhausted from guessing at possible solutions, or worst… waiting for something to change and hoping some brave person will give you feedback about what may be going on and how to change it.

Well I have Great news for you!

I have a secret weapon that has been proven time and time again to provide the answers for others who have been in your exact situation.

Not only that, this process requires a small investment of your time and will help you to STOP STRIVING so hard in your career and START THRIVING instead.

It is called The Performance Index (PI) Factor.

This process will uncover key elements and powerful insights about yourself that is actually causing you to get the results you don’t want in your career.

The PI Factor helps you by:

  • Revealing the specific types of messages you are broadcasting to the people based on your presence

  • What you can do today to turn your situation around for yourself and move in the direction you want to go instead

  • Identifies why you are in the career you have instead of the one you want

  • Discover what you do unconsciously and how it impacts your career/life

  • Know how and why you may be sabotaging yourself at work

  • Learn tips on how to overcome the top 3 things blocking you from success

  • Uncover what your next move is to order to get the success you are meant to have

The PI Factor includes:

  • 20-min online assessment containing 70 questions designed to help you get to the ‘core of the matter’ that get in your way of having what you want based on your thoughts, actions, interpretations and overall attitude today. The good news is YOU CAN CHANGE THIS!!

  • Custom report sent to your email inbox and provides your PI rating, what it means, and a bar graph that reveals how you are showing up for yourself and managing your career.

  • A confidential 90 min coaching phone session with me to guide you through the assessment, along with a deeper understanding how this impacts you professionally, and tips on what you can do today to change what is getting in your way.

  • Bullet list identifying the top 3 – 5 things to do next in order to advance to the next level of performance for yourself.

The entire PI Factor investment is $297 USD, a small price to pay to move your career in a positive direction so you get more joy and success in your professional life.

Get Your Performance Index Factor

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