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Master Your Professional Edge!

Anna Chargin is in the business of inspiring potential in women and men by teaching them how to challenge their status quo and developing new ways for them to discover how they can use their gifted potential. 

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It is my utmost passion to help people achieve a greater level of success and happiness in their professional lives. Whether you are . . .
  • unhappy about your current position

  • find your career to be limited in some way

  • feel there is something missing but aren’t quite sure how to identify it

  • want to discover your true potential and strengths

  • uncertain about how to make a change

  • you know there is 'more' but not clear what that means to you

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YOU are what matters!

This Is No Way To Live!

Finding meaningful and fulfilling work is important. After all, we spend most of our time at work and even when we aren’t there, we are probably thinking about it. Since work plays a huge role in our lives, it can greatly affect your physical, mental and spiritual health if you are unsatisfied with what you do. A lot of times when people think about work, they often think of it as a burden or just something they have to do for money.


They feel anxious, depressed, frustrated, bored or unhappy about their work. As a result, the stress and burnout soon starts to take over. Even worse, they end up developing a serious illness as they can no longer tolerate their work, affecting their own sense of well-being. Or perhaps they allow their negative attitude to creep into their relationships and impact their loved ones. Why? Because they are tired of being stuck in a place where they aren’t thriving.

You Can Have The Career Of Your Dreams.

Words truly cannot express how deeply I believe this. There are many ways to find joy and meaning in what you do. After going through several major career transitions myself, I understand that there is nothing more frustrating than being in a profession that doesn’t work. The money, title, lifestyle, or what others think about your situation doesn’t matter. YOU are what matters.

I have spent a lot of time second guessing my decisions, researching options, realizing my strengths and potential, taking personality tests, a life-time of personal development, acquiring new skills, changing my beliefs to work for me rather than against me, as well as mustering up the courage to make a change. After extensive experience, I know what works, what doesn’t, and how to get to a place that produces faster and positive results (believe me, I have done it all).

"It is my mission to help others create and live a vision so they too can experience success and fulfillment, while making money doing what they love. And I do this by offering you proven and simple methods to get there."


My daily practice is based on a few fundamental principles which enable me to continue on my own journey of success and fulfillment.

• I believe that life offers neither problems or challenges, but only opportunities for learning and growing.

• I believe that we need to embrace our uniqueness and individuality.

• I believe that having fun in our work enables our creativity to grow.

• I believe that we all have a choices no matter what we tell ourselves to be true or not.

• I believe that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

• I believe that we can have what we ask for when we define it well and understand what it means to us.

Let's discuss how YOU can create more success and happiness in your professional life.


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